About Us

Take the first step in your journey towards beautiful, soft, smooth, supple and flawless skin with Naamso, an indulgently luxurious yet practical  natural and organic skincare range.

Designed for those who are earth-conscious, command the best for their skin, and yet do not have the time for lengthy skincare regime.

Naamso products are custom made for women and men from all walks of life, all skin types and who have a high demand on their time. Not only  is it a skincare range that unveils the skin that you deserve to have but leaves you revelling in the pure luxurious feel of nourished and pampered skin from head to toe.

All Naamso products are ethically and sustainably sourced plus free of harsh chemicals and additives.




NO Parabens

Cruelty Free

NO Mineral Oil

Vegan Friendly


Photography credit: Talal  Souhani