Bantu Collection

The Bantu Collection is a collection that embodies the essence and exotic nature of African beauty. It utilizes the power of natural and organic african botanicals  and minerals to compliment the skins balance, maintain and improve it.

Bringing the key effective ingredients from the rich and exotic landscape of African plant life to the world. These ingredients have been used for centuries in Africa and passed down from generation to generation, helping protect, replenish and nourish skin from the harsh climate which bears striking similarities to the Australian climate. Benefiting all skin tones, complexions and skin types, this collection is natural, organic, vegan, halal, kosher and cruelty free. It is ethically and sustainably sourced benefiting communities from where they are sourced.

All the ingredients used in this collection are in their purest forms, wild harvested, cold pressed and have no added additives. 

There are 5 Ranges within the Bantu Collection designed for different skin types.

These are:

Timeless Range - Age Defying

Men Range -Age Defying

Oily/Combination Range

Normal/Dry Range

Sensitive Range

All the single ingredient pure plant oils are suitable in addition to anti aging for all skin types.